Local Tiers

As you're reading the stories about our Local vendors and partners, we want to paint a clear picture to our guests about where the items came from and how the stories came to help create American jobs through their hard work, innovation, and perseverance.  We categorize our Locally sourced items in three categories - local100, localDesigns, and localCreations


To be categorized as local100 our vendors and partners need to source, create, and design 100% of their product or service in the USA.

These are the items we will feature most in our apartments with stories about their history, and have the highest potential for revenue generation from our suites' Amazon Fire Tablets.


Our localCreations are items that are made or sourced overseas, but created and assembled in the US.  localCreations stories fuel our economy with American jobs.



Recognizing American innovation and genius, we created the localDesigns category to feature our partners that create US jobs that fuel our economy through excellence in design.  Some of their items may be outsourced for production overseas - but 100% of the design work was done with US brainpower.