Lancer Furniture

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We are proud to use Lancer furniture in our Local Suites in the hopes that we can share their story with our guests.  Furniture is imported from all over the world now, but it's important to remember it's what's underneath the fabric that counts.  Lancer has quality craftsmanship and American Hardwood assembled by skilled laborers that can't be matched. 

Please remember that when you book with us, you're helping support local economies and rewarding companies that have made it their mission to keep jobs in the US, despite constant pressure to outsource and lower costs.  More about Lancer below...

Lancer Furniture Inc. opened its doors in March of 1969. We started in an old 3 story building on Main Street in Star, NC. Our Motto has always been simple, "Give the most value possible for the consumers' hard earned dollar." In the beginning the company President, Randy Deese, would drive a pickup truck two counties over every morning to pick up the supplies needed for the day. The vision was the same for everyone, from the President to the line workers; build a company and a product that will stand the test of time. Lancer survived economic downturns, natural disasters, and other challenges because of the qualities ingrained into the company culture by the original employees. 

How could you want to buy sofa anywhere else after watching their video history below!