Welcome to the most immersive stay in a Furnished Apartment yet - whether it be for business, vacation, or personal reasons, when you book with GoLocal, by Northeast Suites, you open the door to a story of The American Dream.



Hutzler co

Lothar Hutzler immigrated to the US in the 1930's and was forced to make home products out of plastic due to a shortage in metals at the time because of the war. 

Decades later the business still has a product line fully Made in the USA that we are proud to use in our Local suites!



usa quality

On the left, view our competitor offerings you'll find on Airbnb, and through your typical Corporate Housing company.  

On the right, view the quality that American Craftsmanship and Innovation brings, and feel the joy of holding American Steel!

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Circle furniture

Started over 60 years ago, Circle Furniture began building up a loyal following from the Harvard University crowd who found Robert Tubman's USA Made Furniture to be of a quality lasted well beyond their college years.