Hutzler Co.

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When searching for a US-Made Housewares partner, Hutzler was the clear choice with high quality products and a fair price that are also designed very tastefully.  More from their website below:

We at Hutzler Manufacturing are a family owned and operated business that has been producing innovative high-quality plastic housewares for over 80 years.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! Our founder, Lothar Hutzler, first gained experience from his father, Ludwig’s, thriving housewares business. Soon after the Nazis came to power in Germany, Lothar made the difficult decision to leave his home. He eventually moved to the United States with the plan of starting a business similar to what he had known growing up.  The year was 1938 and Lothar quickly found that metal was in short supply, as it was all going toward the war effort. With no access to traditional raw materials, Lothar and his wife, Zina, became pioneers in manufacturing housewares from plastic. They began with plastic cookie cutters, plastic measuring spoons and plastic funnels. As crazy as it may sound today, this had never been done before. Their innovation sparked demand and we are proud to say that these products are still in our line today!

From our earliest days, we have continued to manufacture in the United States and we have continued to innovate.  Hutzler holds hundreds of product patents throughout the world and we are continually thinking of new ways to make your time in the kitchen a bit easier and a lot of fun!

Below trace Hutlzers roots to their start in the USA in 1938.  To this day Hutzler still has a line of Made in the USA items.  We hope you enjoy them during your stay.

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