Welcome to the most immersive stay in a Furnished Apartment yet - whether it be for business, vacation, or personal reasons, when you book with GoLocal, by Northeast Suites, you open the door to a story of The American Dream.



Hutzler co

Lothar Hutzler immigrated to the US in the 1930's and was forced to make home products out of plastic due to a shortage in metals at the time because of the war. 

Decades later the business still has a product line fully Made in the USA that we are proud to use in our Local suites!



usa quality

On the left, view our competitor offerings you'll find on Airbnb, and through your typical Corporate Housing company.  

On the right, view the quality that American Craftsmanship and Innovation brings, and feel the joy of holding American Steel!

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Circle furniture

Started over 60 years ago, Circle Furniture began building up a loyal following from the Harvard University crowd who found Robert Tubman's USA Made Furniture to be of a quality lasted well beyond their college years.


Welcome to the most immersive and interactive stay in a furnished apartment rental yet – whether it be for vacation, business, or personal reasons – when you stay Local, by Northeast Suites, you open the door into a story of The American Dream.

Every detail in our Local suites has been sourced to include only items made or assembled in the USA; some local mom-and-pop type businesses, and some companies that started in a local American hometown, and have grown into $100 million a year powerhouses like MyPillow.

Take Lothar Hutzler, founder of Hutzler Manufacturing Company – who immigrated here in the 1930’s and started a company that made housewares from plastic due to metal shortages because of the war.  In due time they became pioneers of the plastic housewares industry, and have expanded their business with worldwide reach as a supplier to companies like McDonalds, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.

The stories don’t stop there – every single item we place in our furnished apartments, condos, homes, and airbnb rentals has a Made in the USA story behind it.  That means the wine opener, towels, sofas, televisions, even the shower curtain rings – were made right here in the USA.

Each month, we will chose a few featured stories to share with our guests, and we’ll make it easy for them to have the items in the stories they like the most shipped right to their furnished apartment.  Throughout each Local suite, we place Amazon Fire tablets that make reading about, and purchasing your favorite housewares or furnishings seamless and easy.

There’s a certain quality that can only be experienced by touching and feeling our Made in the USA products yourself.  When you book Local, by Northeast Suites, you are also supporting local economies and helping businesses grow and maintain jobs in the USA.  Each business has a story with ups and down, struggles, and successes.  It’s our vision to tell you that story throughout your stay and to promote US Business Owners who produce quality you can’t find anywhere else in the world!

Quality you can Trust by Northeast Suites
Local is a division of Northeast Suites - The Official Furnished Housing Company of Boston, with industry awards for quality, marketing, sales, and service in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 awarded by the CHPA ( and the USPACC (  Recognized by INC Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the US for 3 years straight, you can rest assured you're in good hands.  Visit for more information, and be sure to request to stay Local!


Are you, or do you represent, a business that makes products Made in the USA?  If so, we'd love to hear from you.  Please submit your business and product story to with photos that show your history, if possible - no matter long or short.  We want to know what makes your product special, and about the passion it took to get your business where it is today.  If you are chosen as our top story, you'll win a $1000 Prize, and bragging rights - as well as the right to negotiate with us for bulk purchase of your product in all of our American-Made Furnished Apartments!  Businesses large or small are invited to enter, so whether you're an Etsy crafter or a Fortune 500 Made-in-the-USA'er, please submit your story today!

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Local Tiers

As you're reading the stories about our Local vendors and partners, we want to paint a clear picture to our guests about where the items came from and how the stories came to help create American jobs through their hard work, innovation, and perseverance.  We categorize our Locally sourced items in three categories - local100, localDesigns, and localCreations


To be categorized as local100 our vendors and partners need to source, create, and design 100% of their product or service in the USA.

These are the items we will feature most in our apartments with stories about their history, and have the highest potential for revenue generation from our suites' Amazon Fire Tablets.


Our localCreations are items that are made or sourced overseas, but created and assembled in the US.  localCreations stories fuel our economy with American jobs.



Recognizing American innovation and genius, we created the localDesigns category to feature our partners that create US jobs that fuel our economy through excellence in design.  Some of their items may be outsourced for production overseas - but 100% of the design work was done with US brainpower.


Do you have a product made, designed, or assembled in the USA?  Fill out this form to learn more about how to promote your US product or service to our guests!

Please fill out the below form with as many details as possible for consideration to be included in our Local suites.  The more details about your company history, the more likely we will include your Story in our suites - which will allow our guests - mostly affluent business travelers - to read about your company history and if they like your product, purchase it from the suite in our provided Amazon Fire Tablets.  Good luck - we want to give as many American-Made stories a chance, so don't be shy and tell us everything that makes your company and product special!

Please email photos of your company history directly to, only submissions with photos can be setup as Featured Stories in our Local Suites.

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